Erotic massage in bratislava

We know massages in different ways. Each of them specializes in a different specific problem, which is then focused on as part of the massage program. Deep tissue massage is intended for those who, for example, have overcome a serious injury or suffer from health problems. This massage is unique in that a specially trained masseur precisely controls the techniques desired and necessary to be able to help you and relieve your pain. It is almost an art of handling pressure, because only thanks to the right pressure exerted on certain places, muscle problems and pains can be regulated.


Swedish massage is the opposite case. It is intended for those who suffer from extreme sensitivity to pressure and handle even its smallest fluctuations very poorly. It is from this that this type of massage is here, which provides great relaxation without any fundamental changes in the use of force and applied pressure. Sports massage is also a specific type of massage. There is probably no need to explain that it is intended primarily for top athletes and sports enthusiasts who give their body a lot of work and expose it to regular loads, be it weight, pressure, speed or endurance.


Sports massage is sought after by those who want to relax their body after an excessively difficult performance. Of course, it is also available to those who get injured while performing an activity, which is more than a common occurrence in sports activities. Sports massage has a precisely specified procedure for its execution, which is the main difference, why it is so different from such erotic massages. True, both provide relaxation and relaxation, but erotic massage has no set procedures or prescribed techniques with the stimulation of just such and such points in this order and in exactly such and such an interval of duration. In this, erotic massages are irreplaceable and original, of course, among other advantages.